How To Tell If Someone Is Messing with Your Internet

How To Tell If Someone Is Messing with Your Internet

Are you tired of the endless frustrations that come with slow internet? It’s like a never-ending nightmare, isn’t it? 

If your work is getting delayed, your entertainment gets interrupted, or your internet goes out frequently, it may feel like life is conspiring against you. But wait, there’s more! 

Besides the sluggish speeds, have you ever worried about losing crucial data or falling victim to malicious attacks on your network? It’s enough to make you ask, “Is someone messing with my internet?”

In this article, we explore the signs that someone might be tinkering with your internet connection and the actions you should take to protect your data. 

Can Someone Mess with My Internet?

The internet has become a part of most of our lives as we depend on it for entertainment, communication, and work. We use our personal information to access almost every part of the internet. 

However, despite all the security measures put in place to protect that data from mismanagement or access by unauthorized people, it is possible for someone to mess with your internet and access your personal data. 

How To Tell If Someone Is Messing with Your Internet

Whether it’s a neighbor trying to piggyback on your Wi-Fi or a malicious attempt on your data, you need to know when people make unauthorized access to your internet to protect your data and internet.

Why Should You Worry About Internet Interference?

When someone gets access to your internet with a malicious attempt, it puts you and any other people using that internet connection at risk. 

An intruder messing with your internet could breach your data and use your data against you depending on their intent. Furthermore, internet interference increases traffic on your router. 

Since the person is accessing your Wi-Fi, they increase the number of devices using it, straining your bandwidth. Ultimately, your internet connection becomes slow or goes out completely.

Signs Someone Is Interfering with Your Network

If you think that someone is interfering with your network, there are certain signs you can look out for to know whether a person is interfering with your internet. They include:

Slow internet speed

One of the most obvious signs is internet speed dropping significantly. If your internet is fast, then it suddenly starts working at a snail’s pace, it may be time for you to investigate the cause.

Frequent disconnection

In addition to slow internet, if your internet experiences frequent disconnection, that could be a sign that someone is messing with your internet. Although internet disconnection can happen now and then, when it is a persistent occurrence, you could be having an intruder on your network.

Unrecognized devices on your network

Check the list of connected devices on your network. If you spot unfamiliar devices, it’s a red flag. These devices could belong to an unauthorized user.

Receiving ransomware messages

Another common sign is ransomware messages. If you get messages demanding pay for the return of your internet access, you may be dealing with a cyber-criminal.

Fake virus notifications

Most smart devices contain an antivirus system that warns you of potential virus attacks on them. However, when you keep getting fake virus popups on your device, someone might be interfering with your network.

Unusual network activity

You should keep an eye out for unusual network activity on your network. Unauthorized users may try to do unexpected data transfers or open suspicious ports on your network.

Losing Control of Your Device

When you often lose control of your laptop or any of your smart devices, it could mean someone is accessing them. A person may access your network and try to access the data on your devices.

How to Confirm Internet Interference on My Network

Here are ways to confirm that someone is interfering with your network.

Run a Network Speed Test

As network speed fluctuates due to environmental factors and other reasons, you should test your network speed with a reputable website or app to be sure someone is messing with it. 

Usually, the speed difference when you compare it with your internet’s usual speed is not that big. However, if someone is interfering with your network, your internet speed will decrease significantly.

Using Apps

There are a number of apps you can use to detect and analyze possible network interference. A quick search on the internet will give you good choices. You can install the app you find best for you and utilize it to confirm any interferences on your network.

Checking Your Router’s Log

Your router’s log contains login details of devices and activities on your network. Check for any unauthorized attempts to log into your network or any malicious activities done on your network.

Monitoring the Traffic on Your Network

You can monitor the traffic on your network using network monitoring tools. These tools will help you flag any malicious data flow on your network.

What to Do Once I Realize Someone Is Messing with My Internet

If you’ve confirmed that someone is interfering with your internet, it’s time to take action. Here’s what you can do:

Change Your Wi-Fi Name and Password

An unauthorized access means that your password is compromised. Therefore, the first thing you should do is change it. You can go further and change your Wi-Fi name as a precaution.

Once you change these details, any device connected to your router will be automatically disconnected. You will have to reconnect your devices again, while also blocking intruders’ access to your network.

Blocking Your Wi-Fi Signal

Another effective measure is limiting the signal range. When you set the signal range to only as far as your house, no outsider can connect to your network, protecting it from intruders.

Disconnect Your Router or Gateway

Temporarily disconnect your router or gateway to stop the interference. This may disrupt the intruder’s activities, securing your network.

Resetting Your Router

You can do a factory reset on your router. A reset will revert all network configurations done by the intruder, restoring the secure state of your network.

Update Firmware

Ensure your firmware is up to date. When your firmware version is out of date, there may be vulnerabilities intruders could manipulate to access your network. Hence, an update will prevent the possibility of any unauthorized access to your network.


In a world where the internet is an important component of our life, you should keep an eye out for malicious attempts on your digital life. 

By recognizing the signs, confirming interference, and taking the necessary steps to secure your network, you can regain control of your internet and enjoy a safer, more reliable online experience. 

Don’t let anyone mess with your internet. Take action and protect your digital world.


Can I tell if someone is using my internet? 

Yes, you can know when someone is using your internet. Check signs of unauthorized usage of your internet, such as a significant drop in internet speed, unusual network activity, and unfamiliar devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Can I see what someone is doing on my Wi-Fi? 

While you can’t directly see someone’s online activities on your Wi-Fi network, you can monitor network traffic and check your router’s logs for suspicious or unauthorized access. The information can provide you with insight into potential interference or unauthorized usage.

Can I disconnect someone from my Wi-Fi? 

Yes, you can disconnect someone from your Wi-Fi by changing your Wi-Fi password or using your router’s settings to block specific devices. Disconnecting unfamiliar devices from your router will prevent unauthorized access and interference on your network.

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