Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro reviews

Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro reviews 2019

Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro pretty much resembles the Galaxy J7 In almost everything include the 5.5 inch display.

It is available in black color and is very light weighing around 6 pounds. The back cover comes our completely revealing the battery compartment, SIM slots and micro SD card slot.

This being a prepaid smartphone it is shipped with preinstalled SIM card.The back cover also has the rear camera lens with its LED flash.

This phone features a side speaker at the right edge while the left edge hosts the volume rockers. The bottom has the headset jack, microphone and USB port.

The top edge only contains the noise cancelling mic.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro comes with a luxurious display .It also has physical navigation keys at the bottom a typical feature in most Samsung brands.

Its home key is located at the center and the back key to the left. At the top of the display we have the front camera lens, earpiece and the ambient light sensor.

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Key Features of Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro


The display is a major highlight. It has a 5.5 inch high screen with a resolution of 1280 *720 pixels. The LCD display is sufficiently bright.

Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro screen is quite responsive, with great indoor visibility. The screens brightness auto adjusts accordingly while outdoors to ensure you see clearly.

Camera Size & Quality

Samsung has always tried to have the best cameras on their phones and this particular model is a good definition of quality camera. Its rare camera has 8 mega pixels while the front has a 5MP camera .

The front camera Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro takes very clear selfies. The rear camera has bright LED flash  to facilitate capturing clear photos even in low light.

Its camera application has other features which include: Auto, Continuous shot, panorama, sports mode and sound & shot which adds sound before capturing a picture.

The Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro performs impressively when it comes to video recording. Both cameras can record in full high definition 1080p .

As expected there will be a small difference between the 8MP rear camera and the 5MP front camera. In a well-lit environment the camera produces very high quality pictures.

However in low some light details are bound to miss as expected from phones with this price range.

High end gadgets like the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8 are equipped with sophisticated sensors which help overcome low light hindrance capturing very clear pictures irrespective of the lighting.

It is ran by Android Despite that this is one the most impressive camera phone within this price range.

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Storage Capacity

Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro comes with 16 GB internal storage .Out of this we are left 8 GB which is accessible to users.

This space is quite enough for average use. However in case you have large files you may need a micro SD.This phone comes with a micro SD slot which supports external memory expansion up to 256 GB.

Battery Life

This phones battery is made to withstand long hours of use. It has a 3300mAh battery which can store power for a really long time.

Despite most brands embracing the non-removable battery, the Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro battery is easily removable.

This feature allows you to switch it with another full battery when it runs out of power. This battery is made to give you a full day of medium intensive use.

It had been rated to give 31 hours of pure talk time and a standby of 22days.In case you watching a video on full brightness it will give you a minimum of six hours per charge.

This phone also comes with optimization mechanism to ensure the battery gives you more onscreen time.


This phone comes with the necessary features to ensure it keeps up with your pace. The Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro is an upgrade of j3 Luna Pro .

It comes with a more advanced processor. It has a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and a 2GB RAM. The Samsung galaxy j7 sky pro is ran by Android 6.0 which makes it very fast.

It has Adreno 506 graphics which is very effective and pleasant.

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