Hp envy 13t

Hp envy 13t Review 2020: Best on Budget?

Hp envy 13t laptop is  prove that you don’t really have to dig deep in your pocket to get the most well styled light weight laptop with good performance. It is power packed and is run by 8th Gen Core processor.

The all metal chassis and convenient battery life are something that makes it exceptional.

The hp envy 13t laptop has one of the best keyboard in the market currently .The hp envy 13 is like a twin copy of the hp envy 17t.

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Design and Appearance (Attractive)

Just like the hp envy 17t the hp envy 13t is a silver laptop. The laptop has added some original touches that makes it stand out and be exceptional.

The lid made of aluminium and has a small incline in the back that covers the hinge.

This gives it clear and sleek lines. This laptop also has a shiny HP logo in the middle of the lid just like other hp laptops. The frame makes the whole laptop look slim sexy and very attractive.

This laptop has a smooth bottom surface made from magnesium alloy. The laptop has an attractive 13.3 inched touch screen with a resolution of 1080p.

The HP company also offers a hp envy 13t with an optional 4K display this makes it brighter and more vibrant. This makes pictures appear live and vivid.

The bezels are also very thin and attractive. This laptop is very slim and attractive .This means it is enough to fit even in the thinnest pocket your bag or seat-back tray.

It only weighs around 2.93 pounds which makes it easy to carry around.

Keyboard and Touch pad (Fast, Accurate and highly responsive)

The hp envy 13t keyboard alone makes this laptop the best choice for students and writers. This is because it is exceptionally good .

The keys have an allowance of 1.2 millimeters of travel which makes them be very responsive.

The touch pad has a dimension of 4.3 by 2.1 inches and is button less .The touch pad is highly accurate, whether you are highlighting a text or navigating around the laptop.

It also responds very well to multi touch gestures such as pinch and zoom and the three-finger swipe.

Processor and Performance (Fast)

The hp envy 13t is run by an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-855OU which comes with 8 GB RAM. This makes it pretty fast and able to run different applications simultaneously without any difficulty.

Even with a number of chrome tabs open and a video playing you should not expect to experience even a small hint of lag.

The laptop also has a 256 GB SSD storage. This is pretty enough to store all your music, videos and games. You will not need to get any additional storage device.

Audio (Loud and clear)

The hp envy 13t audio output is loud enough to fill a small to medium sized room.

The audio output is clear enough hence good for listening to music, watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite games.

For more sound you will need to purchase external speakers.


The hp envy 13t comes integrated with Intel UHD 620 GPU graphics.

It is not the best gaming laptop however it can smoothly play videos and run less demanding titles. The videos appear more vivid and lively.

Battery life (Long)

The hp envy 13t has a quite long battery life. It can go for up around 10 hours of continuous use per single charge.

That include when playing games or surfing in full brightness. This means you can freely leave your charger at home when going to school or in the office.

This means it is one of the best laptop for using when going for an overnight trip or visiting a friend overnight.

You have an option of reducing brightness or switching to low power mode to increase the battery life.

Webcam (Good for Skype calls)

The hp envy 13t 720p camera is good for Skype calls. For podcasting or making a very important call you will need to invest in external webcam.

The image produced is pretty clear however not the best quality you would want.

Cooing System (Efficient)

What good is a laptop if it is too hot to use on the lap? A good laptop should maintain below 95 degrees at any given laptop.

When testing the hp envy 13t the touch pad measured 82 degrees, the keyboard 90 degrees and the bottom 92.5 after 15 minutes of continuous use. This is pretty good for a laptop.

Conclusion (Why to buy the hp envy 13t)

The hp envy 13t is one the best choice for students and writers. If you are an online writer or have a website this is the first laptop I would recommend you buy.

The laptop has a sleek attractive look everyone would want to buy. The laptop has a large view of 13.3 inches which is very attractive.

It is portable and has a great typing experience, long battery life and good performance. The price is pocket friendly.

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