How To Connect Samsung TV to WiFi Without Remote

How To Connect Samsung TV to WiFi Without Remote

WiFi allows you to stream your favorite shows, play games, access YouTube, and even browse on your Samsung TV. Typically, you need a remote to connect your TV to WiFi, but what options do you have if you lose your remote or it malfunctions?

It is easy to overlook the remote control’s importance until you misplace or damage it. Fortunately, you can still perform different functionalities on your TV without a remote, like adjusting the volume and changing channels. Connecting Samsung TV to WiFi is also possible. The question is, how?

Let’s explore this topic below.

How To Connect Samsung TV to WiFi Without Remote

If you don’t have your remote control, you can still access WiFi on your Samsung TV using the Samsung SmartThings TV application, wireless or wired mouse and keyboard, or an ethernet cable. Alternatively, you can utilize your Xbox controllers.

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4 Ways of Connecting Samsung TV to WiFi Without the Remote

Not having the remote should not stop you from accessing WiFi on your Samsung TV. Utilize the methods discussed below to solve this issue.

1. Ethernet Cable

Connecting your Samsung TV to the internet using an ethernet cable is the easiest solution if you don’t have a remote. All you need to do is attach one end of an ethernet cable to the TV’s ethernet port and the other end to the router to establish a reliable and direct link between your router and Samsung TV.

This method is pretty straightforward; you make sure you have a functional ethernet cable. In addition, ensure your router is located at a designated place where the cable will be long enough to connect the two devices. If the router is located far from your TV, move your television or router closer.

After plugging in the ethernet cable to the TV and connecting it to WiFi, use the Samsung SmartThings application to navigate your TV settings if you don’t have access to the remote.

This type of connection is speedier and more powerful than a wireless connection, and the signal is more stable. Depending on your router’s location, you can use the ethernet connection temporarily or permanently.

2. Samsung SmartThings TV Application

Samsung created this app precisely to control different devices from your smartphone. It is available both on Android and iOS. The downside with this method is that the internet connection is necessary, and the smart devices have to use the same internet connection.

Alternatively, use 2 phones, one to serve as the hotspot and the other having the SmartThings app installed. This approach allows you to navigate your network settings and alter the WiFi connection where necessary.

In order to establish the hotspot, you must alter its password and name to match the credentials previously utilized by your Samsung television. Also, you must adhere to the instructions precisely to ensure you achieve a successful connection. Your TV’s last known or memorized WiFi credentials need to be similar to the credentials of the hotspot.

After establishing the hotspot and launching the SmartThings app, here’s how to connect the TV to WiFi.

  • Open the SmartThings app and access the Dashboard
  • Check the list for your Samsung TV. If it’s not there, choose Devices followed by Add New Device
  • Once you successfully link the two devices, control the TV settings using the app
  • Navigate to the WiFi settings, then scan for networks
  • Connect to your chosen WiFi network- enter the password and tap Enter
  • Turn off the hotspot once your Samsung TV has WiFi


Samsung users complain that the app has too many ads, and it has mixed reviews from consumers since the ads can be annoying.

3. Mouse and Keyboard

Another cheap and effective way of connecting your Samsung TV to an internet connection is through a wired or wireless mouse and keyboard. However, remember that you cannot use every mouse and keyboard with Samsung televisions. Therefore, you must ensure the mouse and keyboard you get are compatible with your Samsung television.

A Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard is an excellent choice. A wireless keyboard allows you to control the TV, connect to WiFi, play games, and access different settings.

Take the USB transmitter that came with your mouse and keyboard and connect it to one of the TV’s USB ports to link the mouse and keyboard to your Samsung TV. After that, pair the mouse and keyboard.

After linking the keyboard to your television, use it to open settings, General, choose Network, and lastly, Network Settings. You’ll be prompted to connect to a wired or wireless network. Choose Wireless. With that, your Samsung TV will be connected to WiFi

Note: You can use the keyboard Enter, Esc, and arrow buttons to navigate if you don’t have a mouse. Most people prefer wireless keyboards and mice because it allows them to control the TV from anywhere, so they don’t have to stand or sit close to it. However, wired keyboards and mice are just as effective, albeit a bit inconvenient.

4. Xbox Controllers

If you have an Xbox, you can use its wireless or wired controllers to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi. For wireless controllers, connect the dongle to a USB port, then power up the controller. You can also connect a wired controller to a USB port then begin using it.

You can navigate through the TV’s home screen using the controller. You can even access settings and be able to connect your TV to a new or existing WiFi network.


The remote control plays a crucial role in your overall experience watching television. However, not having a remote for whatever reason doesn’t mean you cannot use your Samsung TV and connect it to WiFi. As outlined above, it’s possible to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi even in the absence of a remote. The effective methods of achieving that include an ethernet cable, mouse and keyboard, Xbox controller, or the Samsung TV app.

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