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Dell Gaming Laptops Under 500 Review 2020 [Features, Pros and Cons]

For people that truly adore the game, every new achievement is brought by the desire to be indulged in action. Dell laptops are one of the hottest and best-performing laptops in the market right now.

Apart from their attractive appearance they are also durable and give a good performance .

Gamers are provided with the best experience because they are designed with the needs of gamers in mind.

The headphones have the latest processors, the right sizes and shape, as well a large storage capacity. They are both powerful and with great style.

General Appearance

Most Dell gaming laptops are approximately 15 inch which is just the right size for a gaming laptop.

This means you do not really need an additional screen for display. They have stunning visuals, which includes an anti-glare panel that helps create a wide range of environment.

Power and Storage

NVIDIA and the latest 8th generation Intel processors power dell gaming laptops.

It is also powered by the latest window version i.e. Windows 10, making it fit for gaming and giving it first internet speed suitable for online gaming.

Battery Life and Display

Dell gaming laptops have a quick charge battery that increases by up to 25 percent in 15 minutes so you will never miss a second of super action.

They have a longer battery life compared to other gaming laptops thus you will not have to charge your laptop frequently. This is an added advantage, especially when you are traveling to far places.

Superior Sound System

Every beat of action improved clarity. It has two front-firing speakers powered by Waves MaxxAudio Pro giving you the best gaming sound experience.

Ports and Slots

Headphone/Mic: this is for connecting your audio output device such as headphones or external speakers

USB: you can connect your USB drive through this slot

HDMI: This port is for transmitting uncompressed video and audio data from your dell gaming laptop; to a compatible monitor, video projector, digital television or digital audio device.

Power: this slot is for connecting your laptop to an external power source.

Gigabit Ethernet: this is for connecting your gaming laptop to an internet provider source

Micro SSD card: this slot is for connecting your external memory device to transfer files to your laptop.

Gaming Centre

Get yourself into more action with premium headsets, crystal clear monitors, gaming keyboards and mice.

Dell laptops are manufactured with specified needs demanded by people who play the game in mind.

Also, they have the latest processors; have the right sizes, shapes and also large storage capacity.

This makes your gaming experience more real and intense. The Killer Gigabit Ethernet comes standard and prioritizes your gaming packets by delivering them ahead of other network traffic automatically.


They are fitted with big cooling vents and cooling technology that ensures your system never fails under the pressure of more demanding games while still cool and silent.

Essential Accessories for your Dell Gaming Laptop

The following are some of the recommended gadgets that maximize the performance of your dell gaming laptop:

Dell Performance USB Headset

This gives you High-quality sound

They are also very comfortable and light

These also have soft-leather ear cups.

They are also fitted with a microphone to make the communication more clear.

Dell Slim DVD Drive

Just plug the low profile, lightweight drive into your notebooks USB port and you will be ready to play your favorite DVD or CD at home. It is also portable.

Dell Gaming Backpack

It has an attractive outward look and is also very spacious. It is made specifically to carry all your gaming accessories. This includes a headphone holder and space for your gaming keyboard.

Alien ware Advanced Gaming Mouse

Enjoy better gaming with an all-purpose gaming mouse with attractive AlienFX lighting that helps you enjoy better gaming.

Alien ware Advanced Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is also attractive and has AlienFX lighting with two RGB lighting zones. It is a programmable keyboard with brown switches and macro key functions.

Alien ware 25 Gaming Monitors

This monitor has a 25-inch display with superior Alien ware design.

Limitations of Dell Gaming Laptops

    • Dell gaming laptops are bit expensive .Given its good gaming performance perfect shape and high internet speed this is pretty fair .

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