7 Best Laptops for Girls & Women

Best Laptops for Girls & Women

Girls really love fancy and cool staff and laptops are no exceptions. This is why we decided to look for some of the coolest laptops for girls and women in general.

Here is a list of 7 laptops girls and women can buy.

Sony VAIO S (Best Overall)

The Sony VAIO S is our top pick for the best laptops for girls. Both the design and performance are impressive. This laptop has a rib like design or cover that secures the poor parts from damages.

It also increases resistance and give this laptop a sturdy look. Despite all these features and numerous ports the laptop is still lightweight and very portable.

On display this laptop comes with a 13.3 inched screen and has a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. The laptop is run by a Core i7 -6500U processor which has so far been improved to core i7.

The laptop is quite fast and that makes it pretty fast and good for simultaneously running different tasks. On storage the laptop has a 256 GB SSD.

It has automatically rotated keys that help reduce stress on your handle as you open the laptops screen. The laptop allows you to work for longer hours without getting tired.

The battery can run for up to 9 hours for every single charge. All these great features make it our number one choice for best laptops for girls and women.

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (Best for Teenage Girls)

The Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga is our second laptop in this list and also the best for teenage girls. The laptop is light and portable convenient for carrying around .

This girl laptop comes with an 11 inch anti-illumination screen display. The screen has a 1366 to 768 screen resolution.

This laptop is run by a 4 Core 5th generation Intel N4100 processor. A 4 core processor means it is able to run heavy duty programs.

In addition the laptop has 5GB RAM that makes it exceptionally fast and smooth in its running.

The laptop has been tested according to military standards and has more luck to allow your teen work for longer hours.

The laptop is very flexible and allows you to use it on different modes apart from laptop. You can use it as a computer or a tablet.

HP Pavilion

The HP Company is known for producing high quality and performance laptop and this particular model is no exception.

The laptop is so beautiful and attractive making it very appropriate for girls. The internal specs are also amazing. Firstly the laptop is run by a 1.6 GHz processor Intel Atom N450 and a corresponding 1GB RAM.

This means you can comfortably run a couple of applications and tabs at the same time. It come preinstalled with windows 7 operating system which is one of the easiest to use.

You can however choose to change the operating system as you wish. The webcam allows you to conveniently stream without any noise interruption.

The battery life is also very amazing giving you up to 9 hours a life for every charge.

Asus EeeBook

Here is another high performance laptop I can recommend for girls. The laptop is light and highly mobile making it fit for a girl child.

On processing this laptop uses an Intel Atom N270 processor. It also comes pre-installed with a windows 7 operating system one of the best in the market.

It has an inbuilt touchpad that makes it easy to use. This laptop comes with a 1.3 3megapixel camera that allows you to chat with your family and do online meetings.

The laptop has a 6 cell lithium ions battery that gives several hours of life for every charge.

On addition the laptop is very affordable so you do not have to worry if you are on budget.

Dell Studio 12 (Best laptop for stylish girls)

The Dell Studio 12 is yet another good choice for girls and women. The laptop has a 15.5 inched screen which comes with a 720p screen resolution.

The camera is clear and you can comfortably have your zoom meetings. The laptop is also one of the strongest girl’s laptop and can withstand fall from short distances.

On processing the laptop comes with an Intel Pentium Dual-core T4400 which is pretty fast and good for multitasking. The hard drive has a 250GB storage space quite enough for all your files.

MSI GV6 8RD-200

The MSI GV6 8RD-200 is a powerful 15.6 inched laptop for girls.  This laptop has a backlit keyboard which is very impressive and convenient for using in the dark.

This machine is powered by a 5 Core 8th generation processor. It also has an 8GB and this means your girl gets exceptional speed. For storage this machine has 1 TB hard disc space.

The laptop also has two cooling that prevents it from overheating after a long day of work. This super cool and stylish laptop is also very affordable.

Apple MacBook Pro (Best Apple laptop for girls)

The Apple MacBook Pro is one of my favorite laptop for girls though it is a little bit pricey just as you would expect from an apple product.

The quality is however exceptional and I would highly recommend it if it suits your budget. The laptop has one of the strongest hardware and the functionality is amazing.

The Apple MacBook Pro comes with two models, one with a 13.3 inched screen and the other one with 16 inched screen.

The 16 inched is run by a Ninth-generation 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor and has a 16 GB RAM. This makes it the most powerful and efficient laptop in this list.

It also has 512 GB storage space pretty enough for all your files. One thing I liked about this laptop is that it can run high end games without it slowing down. The battery can also go up to 11 hours per charge.


What to consider when buying a girls laptop

All girls are conscious about their appearance and opinions and this extends to related things. Among those things their laptop is one of the most important. They have to make sure it is elegant, neat and stylish. In addition the laptops features should be pleasing this is to allow smooth usage.

Here are some of those things:


Girl’s laptop need to be attractive. You should also try looking for one that is also quite durable. You should also look at the size and weight. This is to ensure you get one that you can easily carry in your backpack. This will however depends on what you are buying the laptop for. If it’s a permanent office laptop you may choose a larger one.

Processor and RAM

For speed and smooth operation the processor and the RAM have to be above average. Try getting a processor with a minimum of five cores and a RAM of 4 GB. This means the laptop can be used to play quite a number of games in addition to work.

Battery life

To reduce the burden of constantly plugging in your laptop you need to get one with a good battery life. I prefer battery life of 6 or more hours.

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