Best Camera for teenager interested in photography

Best Camera for teenager interested in photography

Are you a teen or a teen parent and your child is interested in photography? You are in the right place because we have reviewed some good starter cameras.

Many of them come with other accessories which makes them a good package for beginner photographers. Before we get to the cameras here are factors you need to consider before buying cameras for a teenager.

What to consider when choosing a good camera for a teenager interested in photography

Accessories, There are a few accessories that your teen will need when starting photography. This include a carrying case, strap and a memory card.

Before getting them their first camera ensure you know what comes with the camera so that you know what else to buy.

Budget, Teens Camera com with a variety of prices, this is why you need to plan on how much you are going to spend when buying and stick to that. It is however good to spend more at times so that you can use the camera for many more years.

Skills, for complete beginners look for something simple with just a few features.

If they already have basic photography skills you can look for something a little advanced to help them improve their skills.

A guide book is also an important item you should buy to help your teen learn things quickly.

Best Camera for Teenager Review

Now that you know what to consider when getting a good camera for a teenager it is important to look at some of the brands. Here are a few good cameras you.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is a perfect starter pack for every teen interested in photography. It is a cute teen girl camera. This camera also comes with a number of important things your teen will require.

The camera comes with sticker frames and photo album your teen can use to create a special memory book. It comes with a 60mm f/12.7 lens and features such as flash and auto exposure.

The pictures will be printed out instantly. This is a good thing because teens never take a second at look at pictures in their phones.

2. Canon EOS Rebel with Accessory Set

Canon EOS Rebel is one of the best camera for photography. Apart from giving clear high quality pictures the camera also comes with a whole set of accessories.

This includes a 32 GB SD card, neck strap, flash, trips, charger, battery and other essentials. It comes with a 18 – 55mm lens that has an aperture range of f/3.5 – 38.

The lens is ideal for teens who are starting photography.  It also works well with various situations whether they are taking nature picture, wildlife or their friends.

It is ideal if your teen has basic skills and they are willing to take it to the next level.

3. Akaso 4K Action Camera

The Akaso 4K Action is one of the best camera for teenage boys and girls that are interested in sports. The camera can capture 16MP photographs and 4K, 25 fps videos.

It comes with a 2 inches crystal clear touchscreen display. It is also waterproof to over 130 feet which makes it ideal for teenagers interested in watersport.

The viewing angles can be adjusted to help you capture the whole scene.

4. Decomen Underwater Camera

As the name suggests the Decomen Underwater Camera is a waterproof camera up to a shallow depth of around 10 feet. It allows your teen capture interesting pictures under water.

The camera also comes with a cute casing that is very appealing to teenagers.  It takes good quality 12MP images and 720P videos.

Among the accessories it comes with include: 4 AAA batteries and an 8GB memory card. It also comes fitted with a timer to help capture perfect selfies.

5. Polaroid Snap

Snap is probably the best Polaroid camera for teenage boys and girls. The camera comes in a range of bright and bold color options that one can choose from.

You also have an option of adding between 20 and 50 sheets of photo paper that is perfect to work with when starting photography. It automatically prints out the images in 2 by 3 inch size.

It doesn’t require ant ink or toner for printing. This means that the photos are smudge-proof straight away. It has different modes to choose from and a selfie to take photos with friends.

It can take a MicroSD Card of up to 32GB which is plenty of space for storing photos and videos.

6. Nikon Coolpix with Accessories Bundle

The Nikon Coolpix is one of the best digital camera for teenagers.

The camera comes with more than 10 accessories that include:  a cleaning kit, a strap, a case, charger, batteries, a 64GB SDXC card and more.

It has a 3 inched display with 40x optical zoom. Its resolution of 16MP means that the images are of high quality.

The screen also has adjustable angles that allows one to shoot at his convenience.

How to grow your Teens photography Skills

Now that you know what camera to get for your teen the next step is growing his or her photography skills.

You can do this by using YouTube videos and tutorials or letting them attend local photography classes.

After they have gotten better with it look for teen photography contest in your local area or online to help them gain some confidence.

If you follow this guide be sure that your teen will become a pro photographer.

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