Best Camera for photography business

Best Camera for photography business

There are three main things that make one a professional photographer and that is education, experience and a good camera.

You need to get a good camera and know how to shoot in any setting or time and still get great results. Having the best camera for photography business will give you flexibility and allow you make creative decisions.

Here are some of the best camera for photography business you will get in the market.

1. Canon S95 IS

A survey conducted on professional photographers to find if any of them use ‘’point and shoot cameras’’ in 2010 found out that 12 out of the 50 plus photographers used the Canon PowerShot G9 through G11 series.

The S95 IS is one of the latest model of this series.

Ken Rockwell a professional photographer believes that its super-fast lens, direct control settings and outstanding light sensor make it one of the best digital pocket camera in the world.

The camera produces very sharp pictures and videos. If you are a field photographer this is the right camera if you have to carry it around.

2. Canon Rebel T2i (EOS 550D)

If you are starting out photography business and you need an affordable camera that can deliver results then you should consider getting the Canon Rebel T2i.

The cameras comes with very good features but is still small and light weight which makes it good for carrying around. It has 18 megapixel image quality.

The camera can capture 1080p HD video. The camera has the best video and image you will get for anything less than a 1000 dollars.

3. Nikon D7000

The Nikon D7000 is one of the best DSLRs you can buy. Ken Rockwell a professional photographer and silver Award winner rates it as the best overall DSLR camera in the market.

No other camera can do many things as well as this. The camera has fast controls are fast and the excellent viewfinder and ergonomics. The performance in low light is also something you will like.

All these features make it the dream camera for every professional photographer. The camera comes with very good features and user controls a pro photographer will definitely like.

It has a durable body with the top and rear body made of magnesium alloy.

The camera is user friendly and easier to use. So if you are starting you shouldn’t be worried about experience as you will easily learn to use it and get focused on your photography business.


LEICA is not to produce world class cameras. Up to dater the M3 model made in mid-1950s is still considered as the words best 35mm camera.

LEICA M9 brings the latest digital imaging technology and the body is just perfect. Ken Rockwell a professional photographer said it is one of the smallest and high quality camera there is.

A camera as good as this is not for anyone, but for professional photographers who can take good advantage of all its good features.

It weighs half of what most DSLRs weigh but the picture quality is higher. The camera is one of the beat you will get for photography business.

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