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Acer Gaming Laptop Review 2019 [Top Picks]

Over the years the Acer laptop company has been known to produce high quality gaming laptops.

The laptops have evolved over the years to more sophisticated good looking laptops that meet gamer’s expectation.

These laptops have the best shape, colors, fast internet speed, large screen display,  high storage capacity and long battery life.

Under this article we are going to review one of their most performing gaming laptop the PREDATOR HELIOS 300 GAMING LAPTOP. This is one of their latest machines made close to perfection.



Unlock infinite possibilities with the predator Helios 300 gaming laptop.

This is a masterpiece well-crafted by the Acer laptop company.

It comes in two colors special edition white and gold.

These are very attractive colors for your gaming laptops .The front has the predator symbol stamped on the cover –cut to diamond-edged perfection.

Its height is about 1.1 inches and depth around 10.5 inches making it easy to carry the laptop.

The width is 15.4 inches giving you an adequate display for your gaming hence no projection needed. It has architecturally inspired exhaust vents give it a bold look from every angle


It has architecturally inspired vents that expel heat It has a dual fan cooling with the all metal Aero Blade fan.

This prevents it from overheating making it stable for use for long hours.


It  has a four celled battery made of lithium ion.It has a 3320mAh battery capacity that gives you up to 7 hours of use without charging.

This makes it appropriate for carrying around when going for trips or anywhere you may lack power or during blackouts.


  1. Headphone/Mic; this is for connecting your audio output device such as headphones or external speakers. This gives additional sound making it convenient when the audience is large.
  2. HDMI;This port is for transmitting uncompressed video and audio data from your Acer gaming laptop; to a compatible  monitor, video projector, digital television or digital audio device.

3.USB; you can connect your USB drive through this slot so as to transfer files from the laptop to the USB or from the USB to the laptop

4.Power; this slot is for connecting your laptop to external power source. You can either use it when charging it or after charging it because it has its own battery

5.Micro ssd card; this slot is for connecting your external memory device to transfer files to your laptop from the external ssd to the laptop or from the laptop to the ssd

6.Gigabit Ethernet; this is for connecting your gaming laptop to an internet provider source enabling you to browse faster


The predator Helios 300 gaming laptop uses windows 10 which is the latest operating system.

it also has one of the latest processors Intel Core i7-8750H processor Hexa-core 23.20 GHz.

It has 16 GB Random-access memory This makes it one of the fastest laptops in the market thus effective for online gaming or accessing your social media  .

This laptop allows you to connect with other gamers from whatever part of the world you are in. it also has 256 GB storage memory which is just enough space to store all your games music and even additional videos.

Its 15.6 inched LCD screen with 1920*1080 resolution gives you a big display for gaming.Ii also has 2 stereo speakers giving you clear and loud sound perfect for gaming.

It can also be connected to external speakers giving you more desirable sound.

NB; it comes with a 30 day micro office trial.


PREDATOR HELIOS 300 GAMING LAPTOP is a little costly priced at around 1400 dollars.

Given its good gaming qualities this is however pretty fair , high internet speed large storage capacity ,long battery life, large screen display and its good shape desired by many games.


There are several ways of cleaning your Acer gaming laptop you can wipe-off with a wet cloth, wipe-off with a dry cloth or use commercial sprays and cleaners.

Always use a soft cloth to prevent creating scratches on the surface. Wrong sprays can also damage its shine and looks. The keyboard and screen are sensitive surfaces which need to be cleaned with extra precautions.


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