7 Best laptop for QuickBooks

7 Best laptop for accounting and QuickBooks

Quickbooks is an accounting software suitable for any type and size of business. If you use quickbooks to deal with accounting transactions for your business then you have to look for a laptop that is quickbooks compatible.

Quickbooks has two versions which depend on the gadget you are going to use. There is the Quickbooks online and the quickbooks desktop version. The business world is evolving and to be on top of your game you need a good laptop.

Minimum recommended features foe a good laptop for quickbooks

You laptop should at least meet the minimum system requirement to smoothly run quickbooks. The processor should be Intel core i3 and above and have a RAM of more than 4 GB.

It should have a 128 GB SSD storage or more with integrated or dedicated graphics. You should also try to find a laptop with a battery life of around.

7 Best laptops for quickbooks

Here is a list of seven of the best laptops for quickbooks. We have put all the factors and minimum requirements in to consideration. We also considered other general factor that include price and portability among others.

  1. HP Envy 17M (Best Overall)

The HP Envy 17M is our number one laptop in this list of best laptops for quickbooks. The laptop is suitable for both large and small scale businesses.

It is efficient in running quickbooks without any lag or issue. The laptop has a 17.3 inched full HD touch screen display with a 1080 p screen resolution.

This beast is run by a powerful Intel Core i7-8550U processor with a corresponding 16 GB RAM. This makes it very powerful and allows up to 15 users to use it.

The laptop comes with 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD which is pretty much for all your files. The battery can run for up to 9 hours without needing you to plug in the charger.

The keyboard is backlit which makes it attractive and suitable for using in the dark. It has a Type C Port that allows you to use it for recharging batteries.


The performance is good

It is thin and light making it good for carrying around

The display is excellent

Good battery life

Audio system is good


The processor does not support heave duty games

Dell Inspiron 15.6 inched FHD laptop(Best Budget)

Here is another highly recommended laptop for quickbooks. The Dell Inspiron is also one of the best budget laptop. It is very efficient for running quickbooks.

The laptop has a 15.6 inched full HD screen with a 1080p screen resolution.

The Dell Inspiron 15.6 inched FHD laptop powerful Intel Core i7-7500U processor and comes with a corresponding 16 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon R7 M445.

Considering the minimum specs is Intel Core i3 and 4 GB thin laptop is by far better. This means it easily runs quickbooks without lagging and can run multiple tabs simultaneously.

The laptop has 1TB HDD that is pretty much for all your files and other documents. The battery can give you up t0 4 hours of life without need of plugging in.


The processor is powerful

The screen is perfect

Excellent storage


The battery life is quite weak

New Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (Best laptop from Microsoft)

The New Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of the best laptops for quickbooks from Microsoft. The laptop has a detachable type cover keyboard and comes with a premium feel.

It is among the best convertible laptop in the market.  It has a12.3 inched touch screen that has a 2736 x 1824 screen resolution.

This machine is run by a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor. The processor is paired with a corresponding16 GB of RAM.

This means it’s very good for running quickbooks and multitasking. It also uses Intel Iris plus Graphics. For storage the laptop comes with 256 GB.

The battery is also pretty good as it gives you up to 10 hours of service per single charge.


Connectivity is excellent

It has a sturdy built

The battery life is excellent


We found none

Asus Vivobook S14(Most Portable)

Here is another good laptop for quickbooks. The Asus Vivobook S14 is among the most portable laptop in the market.

The laptop has a 14 inches full HJD screen which is very attractive and has perfect viewing angles. The Asus Vivobook S14 is powered by an Intel Core i7-8565U with a corresponding 8GB RAM.

This allows it run different tabs without lagging. On graphics the laptop is run by an Intel UHD Graphics 620 that makes it good for playing heavy duty games.

The battery is quite amazing given it can run up to 10 hours per single charge.


The battery life is pretty good

The performance is commendable

Storage space is quite good


The brightness should have been better

Asus Gaming laptop

The Asus Company has been known to produce high quality laptops and this is not an exception. The price tag on this laptop is also reasonable and friendly.

If you are managing accounting records for big firms The ASUS gaming laptop is the best model for you. It is also an all-round laptop good for both work and entertainment.

This laptop comes with a 17.3 inched FHD screen with a screen resolution of 1080p s. The laptop is run by a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor with a corresponding RAM of 8GB.

This makes it pretty fast and can easily run different tabs simultaneously.

This machine comes with 1TB HDD which is pretty much for your files.

The battery can go up to six hours per single charge.


Powerful processor

Strong built

Keyboard is smooth



The speakers are average

Acer Aspire 5 Slim

The Acer Aspire 5 Slim is the best laptop for quickbooks you can get if you are on budget. The laptop has a 15.6 inched screen display that has a 1080p screen resolution.

It is run by a powerful 4.2GHz Intel Core i5-10210U with a corresponding 8GB of RAM. This makes it both fast and powerful. The laptop has adequate storage of 512GB SSD.

The battery can run up to 9 hours of per single charge that is pretty good.


Light and portable

Adequate storage space

Great performance Good battery life

New Apple MacBook Pro

As you would expect from any apple product the New Apple MacBook Pro is one of the best ultraportable laptop you can buy for quickbooks.

It has a 13.3 inched screen display and comes with LE backlighting. Unlike any laptop the laptop has great contrast and more colors.

This gadget is run by a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 that comes with 8GB of RAM. The laptop also has 128GB SSD that is pretty good.

The touch pad is very impressive and accurate. The battery life is also very good as it can run10 per charge. This means you can go a whole working day without plugging in.


Great performance

Good battery life

Thin design easy to carry


Frequently asked questions about Quickbooks laptops

Can I use both the quickbooks desktop version and the online version?

To use the quickbooks desktop version you must install the software version if you want. While for the quickbooks online version your laptop needs to be connected to internet.

If you have both of those requirements you can use both versions.

Can I use the desktop version on both my desktop and laptop?

The software comes with a standard license agreement that allows only one user this means you can use on both the devices as long as you are the only one using the software.

To allow multiple users you have to buy additional licenses..

If my entire team needs to use the software how much RAM do I require? The minimum system requirement for a laptop to run quickbooks is a 4GB RAM.

It is however recommended you have at least 8GB of RAM for one to five users. You will however need more RAM if you the software is going to be used by more users.


Do I need internet connection when using the Quickbooks Desktop version?

When using the quickbooks desktop version you can either download the software from their website or an installation CD. You will need internet when installing it from their website.

You however do not require internet when using an installation CD though you will have to activate and register the product online after installation is complete.

When downloading the latest updates you will also need to have internet connection.

What happens to the accounting data when using Quickbooks online?

When using quickbooks online you will have to renew your subscription from quickbooks every month. All this data will be stored on cloud storage and you can access it whenever you access your quickbooks cloud.


Final Verdict

Purchasing laptops is not a simple task as it requires thorough research and knowledge.

To spare you the hustle for looking for good laptops to run quickbooks we compiled a list of seven laptops of the best laptops for running quickbooks for you.

All the laptops have met the recommended system requirements for running quickbooks. Feel free to go through the list and tell us what you think.

You can also check the prices on amazon from the above links.

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